16-Hour EM 385-1-1Hazard Recognition Course

Get an online introduction to safety and health requirements for military or government construction contractors. The 16-hour course is appropriate for contractors or government employees.


24-Hour EM 385-1-1Hazard Recognition Course

The 24-hour EM 385-1-1 course is an intermediate-level online course designed for contractors, government employees and CDSOs who need 24 hours of refresher training every four years.


40-Hour EM 385-1-1Hazard Recognition Course

Complete advanced training on EM 385-1-1 regulations 100% online. The 40-hour course is ideal for supervisors and other workers who need in-depth knowledge of EM 385 safety and health topics.


EM 385-1-1 Courses Online For Compliance

This training is designed to teach EM 385-1-1 requirements and aid each worker to be compliant on the jobsite. Lack of compliance can lead to loss of production, work contracts, and most of all financial penalties. It is to the benefit of each and every worker involved to become familiar with the EM 385-1-1 requirements.

EM 385-1-1 Manual: The EM 385-1-1 manual is a 1045 page document detailing regulations and Corps of Engineers interpretations for specific topics concerning construction on military work projects. Contractors are all required to be in compliance with the latest version of the manual.